A friend of mine asked, Why Bernie Sanders? Bernie isn’t financially supported and controlled by some “Super Pac”. Right there, I knew he was a candidate with integrity to speak his own mind. From then on I paid a great deal of time in following what Bernie’s agenda’s would be if elected President of the USA. Repealing “Citizens United” looked to be his #1 change to  move election power back into the hands of the voting public, and out of the control of Wallstreet and the very wealthy (KOCH). THE POLITITIONS THAT VOTED FOR CITIZENS UNITED SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. Each politician’s vote, YES or NO, should be made aware to everyone, and be discussed publicly. By the PEOPLE, and for the PEOPLE, is in our CONSITUTION! 

911 and other “FALSE FLAG CAMPAIGNS”, set forth by the “financial elite”, needs to come to an end.

Bernie Sanders is a PEOPLE’S President, not another puppet of Wallstreet.


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